Starting an Online Business Using a Storage Unit

Starting an Online Business Using a Storage Unit

Starting an online business can be a very rewarding and liberating plan for a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Most people starting a small business with no money or very little capital to invest are trying to find ways to make it work. So one possible idea to consider is using a storage unit for an internet based business.

Starting an Online Business – Considerations

Some people starting an internet business can base it solely on soft products like eBooks, information or services, which don’t require any kind of storage. On the other side of that, everyone else is probably dealing in hard products that require some kind of physical storage like those selling things on eBay.

There are a lot of people having great success with low cost business ideas like starting an eBay store and have had great success as long as they have a solid eBay business plan. For the up and coming online entrepreneur, there are a few things you need to consider when coming up with internet business ideas:

  • Are you going to physically house hard products or are you drop selling them?
  • Do you have space in your home or your own garage?
  • Are the products you’re selling temperature sensitive?
  • What are top selling items on eBay and are they things you’d even like or have space to sell?

Assuming your answers lean toward lots of physical inventory or large items that require a lot of space, you might be better off renting a storage unit near you from a local storage facility to keep your goods in.

Considering Risk

Other factors to consider might be that you need a place that’s secure so you can lock up your inventory when you’re not home to keep yourself from being exposed to theft risk.

There are several internet home businesses that people have been creating over the past few years and whether you start selling on eBay or become more of a reseller of niche products, consider the savings and convenience of running your small business using a self-storage unit.

When you’re ready to venture into the online world of selling while still dealing with hard products, All Aboard Storage is here to help with your storage needs.