De-Clutter for 2016 Using a Storage Unit

Do you have stress in your life? One thing that has shown to help with this is getting rid of excess “stuff” that could be piling on unnecessary stress.


If you stop and ask yourself “Why am I keeping this?” it might be because it could be something useful “someday” or maybe it’s sentimental or maybe it’s just something you hadn’t gotten around to.


You can perform the time-tested and very valid strategy of categorizing your things into:

  • Throw Away
  • Donate or Recycle
  • Keep


This works wonders when it comes to organizing your life and removing things that you don’t use on a regular basis.


If you’re short on space like most of us are, another strategy that works wonders is to rent a storage unit for those “keep” items that you might not use all the time.


Storage Units Near You


Maybe you want to clean out the garage or that extra room that you want to turn into something fun or useful. We have a large variety of sizes that will fit any person’s need to de-clutter and remove unnecessary stress.


Check out rates near you:

Kaizen – The Practice of Continuous Improvement

Through the years our CEO, Andy Clark, has always kept the notion alive of “Kaizen” which is the practice of continuous improvement.


Kaizen - The practice of continuous improvement


If you asked some storage companies to rate themselves on a scale of 1-10 where a ten is perfect, some storage companies might be inclined to say a ten. If you stop and think about what that actually means — it means there’s no room for improvement.


We know we’re not perfect, but we’re always striving to make ourselves better to make sure we’re your local storage facility of choice. We are continually striving to make our company the best it can possibly, which is why we believe in the Kaizen.


How about trying a search for storage units with our new search function?


All Aboard Storage – We Have Space for You!

Introducing Sunshine Depot Newspaper Article

Our newest storage facility, Sunshine Depot in South Daytona, made it into the Daytona Beach News-Journal!


Introducing Sunshine Depot Storage Facility Article


On the front page of the Business section on Sunday is an article titled “Sunshine Park Mall name to stay” and a little lower is our mention “Introducing Sunshine Depot” as an add-on to the main article. Check it out:


Mentioned in the article are details on the massive size of our local storage facility at 70,594 square feet and boasting an impressive 442 climate-controlled units to serve the greater Daytona Beach area’s need for self-storage.


If you’re in the area, be sure to come to our Grand Opening Party & Ribbon Cutting for Sunshine Depot! We will have food, a FREE raffle, and are accepting donations of unwrapped toys to be donated to Toys for Tots.


Toys for Tots

We hope to see you there!

(Sneak Peek) Sunshine Depot in Daytona Beach

Storage facility in Daytona Beach - Sunshine Depot

Opening soon is our newest local storage facility in Daytona Beach – Sunshine Depot!


Pardon our dust!


It’s been several years since we’ve opened the doors on a brand-new site location and this one will impress. We’re updating the office with the fresh new look that we’ve been implementing in our other locations like Port Orange and Westport.


Over the years, All Aboard Properties has been putting a lot of money toward renovating the Sunshine Park Mall and our new All Aboard Storage location puts a cherry on top.


Our newest facility will boast two full floors of storage! It will also be outfitted with six monitors displaying company happenings & history, security in the area, current rates, and we will also be piping in popular music from Pandora for your listening pleasure.


Sunshine Depot Lobby

Sunshine Depot Main Desk

Screens at Sunshine Depot


Here’s a sneak peek of our newest, most updated storage facility opening in the Sunshine Park Mall in South Daytona. It’s still quite dusty and under construction, but you can see how it’s shaping up and should get a good idea of what the final result will be.


Storage Units Front Window

Storage Units Hallway

Storage Units Intersection

Front Aisle Self-Storage


The second floor has a large amount of square footage for everything that you hold valuable.


2nd Floor Storage Units


From a view of the 2nd floor, you can see down into what will be the main lobby and front desk area.


2nd Floor of the Storage Facility


We are very excited about our newest facility and hope you’ll join us at our Grand Opening on Friday, Dec. 11th at noon for some food, fun, and prizes! RSVP at


2400 S. Ridgewood Ave.

South Daytona, 32119


All Aboard Storage – Sunshine Depot coming soon now open!

We Have Space for You!

Port Orange Family Days 2015 & Feeding Children Everywhere

All Aboard Storage recently participated in Port Orange Family Days 2015!

Port Orange Family Days is a family-centric event that started in 1995 with an attendance of 15,000 people that has grown now to over 60,000. The all-volunteer group organizes sponsors to put on the event with tents, food trucks, rides, and all kinds of entertainment over a number long weekend in October.


Feeding Children Everywhere – Hunger Project

One of the wonderful events that took place at Family Days was called the Feeding Children Everywhere Campaign, which All Aboard Storage employees attended.


Feeding Children Everywhere Event


Our All Aboard Angels came together and assembled healthy meals for children around the world that we got to personally pack up and assemble, which will then be delivered to children who need a good meal.


All Aboard Angels - Port Orange Family Days 2015


There’s not a greater feeling of love and hope than putting food in the bellies of children who are in need.


Check out their website & video below if you’re interested in putting on a Hunger Project:

Feeding Children Everywhere – Hunger Project



Arthaus 16th Annual Street Painting Festival

Another fun event that we got to be involved with was a festival where street painters came together to create beautiful works of art on the sidewalk. They used their creative talents to compete for the winner’s title.


Our Rachel Widdison won “Best of Show Runner Up!” Here’s Rachel in action below with her creative portrait:


All Aboard Storage Chalk Drawing 2

All Aboard Storage Chalk Drawing


Big congratulations to her and all that were a part of this fun event!

The Daytona Beach News-Journal announced the winners here: ArtHaus Street Painting Winners Announced.


Wrapping Up

If you want a fun, family-friendly environment with lots to see and do, Family Days is where it’s at. If you haven’t checked it out, make sure to mark your calendars for the next one!


We are happy to be a part of this community and will keep working to make this a better place to live.


All Aboard Storage – We Have Space for You!


All Aboard Angels - Feeding Children Everywhere

How Much Should & Do Storage Units Cost?

How Much Should & Do Storage Units Cost?

If you’ve never had to rent storage from a local storage facility then you might not know, what is the cost of a storage unit? And more importantly, how much should storage units’ prices cost?

You wouldn’t just show up and buy a car without doing some price-shopping beforehand such as checking Kelly Blue Book or websites like Auto Finder. So what affects storage rates?

As with any product, there are a number of factors that contribute to the storage prices.

  • Size of the unit (3×3, 5×10, 10×10, etc.)
  • Self-storage or climate-controlled
  • Location of the facility
  • Which floor the unit is located on
  • Occupancy rate of the facility
  • Don’t forget storage insurance!
  • Are there hidden fees?

Any number or combination of these things can cause the price for storage space to go up or down.


Size of the Storage Unit

Storage units come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on how much you want to store, you can fit a lot more as you go up in floor area. Some of the more common sizes are:

  • 3×3’s – 9 sq. ft.
  • 5×10’s – 50 sq. ft.
  • 10×10’s – 100 sq. ft.


Self-storage or Climate-Controlled?

If you’re storing items that might degrade with temperature fluctuations, choosing climate-controlled will up the price a bit since they need to have a stable environment.


Location of the Facility

If there are several storage facilities in the area, this could possibly cause the price to go down due to the normal business rules of competition and what the market can bare.


Which floor is the storage unit located on?

You might save a few bucks if you rent a storage unit that’s not located on the ground floor since it’s extra work to use freight elevators to go up and down.


Occupancy Rate of the Facility

Another business rule that comes into play just as it does for hotels is how full is the storage facility?


Don’t forget storage insurance!

Since we require storage insurance to protect all of our customers, don’t forget to factor this into your storage unit cost that is quoted. You can save some money by showing proof of home owner’s insurance to negate this cost!


At All Aboard Storage, our systems automatically calculate the price of storage due to all of these factors. We keep very competitive prices when it comes to competing with local self-storage companies and are confident you’ll find that what we offer is worth the money.

How Much Should & Do Storage Units Cost Vertical

Parking & Storing Your RV

Parking & Storing Your RV

If you’re a snow bird, what do you do for RV parking and storage?


Down here in Daytona Beach, we have people from all over visit our beautiful area, most of which are snow birds from Canada in the Ontario and Quebec regions. They bring their families in tow as well as an extra vehicle to get around so they don’t have to get around town in their motorhome.


Taking a road trip down to Florida can be a lot of fun, but what do you do with your RV or camper when you get here? You have a few options:


  • Park in an RV park
  • Parking at a friend or family’s house
  • Keep on the move
  • Parking at a storage facility


The first couple are obvious and the third one is a bit of a challenge, but for the first one what if you don’t want to pay the high cost of an RV park? Also, what if you don’t have any friends or family down here?


Choosing a storage facility might be a great option if you’re looking for both covered RV storage or just secure vehicle storage or parking (for RVs that do not need to be sheltered from the elements).


With Biketoberfest approaching quickly followed later in the spring by Bike Week and then right in the middle snow birds flying down, large vehicle storage units start to fill up so make sure to grab your space today!


If you need RV and boat storage, consider choosing All Aboard Storage to pull up your camper, motorhome, boat or trailer for indoor and outdoor vehicle storage and parking. We have several locations around our broad area where you can just pull up your RV or trailer and park.


Check out our online prices and reserve today! We have space for you!

Our New All Aboard Storage Website is Live!

We’re constantly trying to make things better for our customers here at All Aboard Storage.


Over the past few months we developed a strategy to overhaul our website, freshen it up, and add some remarkable tools to give you storage options across all of our storage facility locations.


We recognized that having so many locations is great but we asked ourselves, what if we could give our customers the power to choose exactly the size, type, and location they’re looking for?


We did exactly that.


Go see for yourself and do a search on our home page:



Self-Storage Near Me


It doesn’t stop there:

  • Say you’re looking for a local storage unit that’s climate-controlled
  • Or maybe you already know you only need enough space for a family room and want to search all available self-storage units that are of a medium size
  • What if you’d like to sort all of our units by price to find the cheapest deal?
  • Or maybe you’d like to do all of the above at the same time?



Local Storage Units


You can do that on our new website.


But wait, there’s more! (I couldn’t resist) You now have the ability to lock in the price you see and reserve a storage unit online, meaning you can lock in the low rate you’re looking at right now.


We even have an interactive space estimator where you can enter all of your large furniture items to estimate the size storage unit you need.


What Size Storage Unit Do I Need


It’s very exciting for us to have the ability to offer our customers exactly what they want and we will continue to keep improving company-wide to be the best storage company near you.


Add all of the above with our #1 goal of customer service and you can see why customers come back to use year after year.


All Aboard Storage – We Have Space for You!