How to Bid on Storage Units at Auctions

How to Bid on Storage Units at Auctions


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Storage auctions are all the rage right now and people are getting the same feeling that we saw in the past during the gold boom or if they were on a pirate treasure hunt. Today, there’s not necessarily a treasure map unless you consider Google Maps bringing you to the storage auction a treasure map.


We’ve compiled some tips for bidding on storage unit auctions below to help guide your way and give you some insight.

Finding a Storage Unit Auction

  • Online storage auction sites
  • Call your local storage company

Before the Auction

  • Call the storage company to find out what payment is acceptable – cash, cashier’s check, money order, certified check, or credit card
  • Arrive an hour before the auction begins
  • Bring a flashlight, smartphone, new lock, and payment

Bid Smartly and Know Your Limits

  • Stick to your maximum bid
  • Don’t fool yourself into thinking the items you can’t see are buried treasure
  • The items that are visible might give you a good idea as to what the entire storage unit’s contents are worth

Gathering Your Winnings from the Storage Auction Units

  • Arrange to have a moving van, trailer, or truck to gather all the contents out of the storage unit as most storage facilities require you to remove the contents 24-72 hours after the auction ends

If you’re doing this as a hobby or are just looking to pick up items at a discount, as auction hunters, don’t forget to have fun!

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