6 Things That Should Never Be Stored in Storage Units

6 Things that Should Never be Stored in Storage Units

You’ve got stuff. Lots of stuff. And now you’ve decided to rent a storage unit to protect those things that you value. There are many items that should be stored in a storage unit but what about those categories of things that should never be stored in storage units?

We’ve broken down things not to store in a storage unit into 6 categories. Most of which are just common sense, but other things are important to protect you and all of our customers from loss.

6 Categories of Things Not to Store in a Storage Unit

Flammable, Explosive, or Dangerous Chemicals

Some things like fireworks, gasoline, propane and other explosive or flammable items should never be stored just by common sense. It puts you and everyone else at great risk. Other items in this category that are dangerous to store are paint, cleaners, or any other toxic materials.

Anything Stolen, Illegal, or Titled to Someone Else

Another obvious set of things not to store at a storage facility are stolen items or anything illegal such as narcotics and other things that might get you trouble with the law.

Perishable Products, Food Items, or other Pest Attractors

One major category of items that should never be stored is any food items that can spoil or attract pests. This puts the entire facility as well as your personal items at risk. It’s possible to store canned items without problems, but really, any food items shouldn’t be in your storage unit.

One other “fresh” item that might not be thought of is anything that is wet such as mops that could attract mold or mildew to the storage unit.

Important Documents or Family Heirlooms

Some things are absolutely precious and irreplaceable. It goes without saying that anything like family heirlooms, important documents, and other things that you can’t take a chance of losing shouldn’t be stored at a storage facility. Storage facilities have insurance, but the dollar value of having to replace something precious isn’t worth the risk of losing it.

Plants, Animals, & People

Living things should never be stored in storage units without exception. Plants can die and attract pests, it would be cruel to put an animal at risk in that situation, and lastly we’ve heard stories of people living in a storage unit, but this is against every storage facility’s policies.

Items That Exceed Your Insurable Limit

This one might slip past most people, but most storage companies like All Aboard Storage require storage unit insurance, whether it’s through the insurance company we partner with or your home owner’s insurance.

With that, you should only store things up to the value that you’re covered under to protect yourself from losses in the event something happens.


There are other items to take into consideration according to your storage company’s policies so be sure to read up on everything your company says is not permitted or restricted in the storage rental agreement. Also, local laws may vary with other items such as firearms so be sure to check your local laws near you.

In the end, we’re here to help protect the things that you value, and when you decide the time is right, we’re happy to help you! Contact us today.