All Aboard for Our 2016 Company Cruise!

On January 22-25, All Aboard Properties President & CEO Andy Clark took his employees on their fourth annual 3-day cruise to the Bahamas on Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas to celebrate attaining their 2015 financial goals. This cruise is our way to encourage teamwork, camaraderie, and as a reward for meeting goals. Group activities on the ship included a scavenger hunt as well as a rock wall climbing challenge. Every employee and a guest is invited and a private bus is rented to shuttle the group to and from our office building to the cruise terminal if our annual revenue goals are reached. 2015 was the 4th year in a row we attained our financial goal and it was our 4th cruise to celebrate this milestone.


We had a total of 26 of our 38 full-time employees go on the cruise this year. Three employees paid for additional family to attend beyond the one guest paid for by the company. Employees who did not attend stayed behind to work so that some of our 14 self-storage property offices could be open for our customers.


All Aboard Properties Cruise 2016

Employees shown from top to bottom & left to right (group on stairs): Paul Weiker, Denise Brown, Brook Lineberry, David Stroud, Maria Clarke, Paul Bates, Steve Edwards, Debi Doherty, Nick Rosada, Andy Clark, Keith Bruce, Holly Wood, Barbara Machuta, Mike Vieira, Renee Anderson, David Cheezum, Yvette Casteel, Mark Hamm


All Aboard Properties Scavenger Hunt

Employees & guests shown from left to right (scavenger hunt photo):
Top Row: Cheryl Langley, Kim Cheezum, Nikki Hamm, Shelly Hamm, Doug Clark, Renee Anderson, EJ Cahn, Maria Clarke, Bill Clarke, Paul Bates, Sarah Bates, Kaylie Lemaster, Michael Cox, Denise Brown, Kirsten Stroud, Gena Vieira, Mike Vieira, Bottom Row: David Cheezum, Mark Hamm, Justin Busam, Andy Clark, Brooke Lineberry, David Stroud


Scaling the Rock Wall Paul Bates & Andy Clark

Employees shown (rock wall): Paul Bates, Andy Clark


Looking on the Rock Wall

(photo by Brian Hammersley)

Employees & guests shown (ready for rock wall): Nikki Hamm, Andy Clark, Doug Clark, Paul Bates, Paul Weiker


Rock Climbing Collage

(photos by Brian Hammersley)

Employees & guests shown (ready for rock wall): Mark Hamm, Nikki Hamm, Doug Clark, Andy Clark, Paul Weiker


Pre-Cruise Group Taking the Bus

Here’s some of the group at the Clark Office Building just before departure. What a lively bunch!


Our group also met up at Senor Frogs in Nassau, Bahamas for some socializing. The waves were intense that night and crashing over the edge of the platform and onto the sidewalks. The night was beautiful with an amazing view of the ships in the dock:


Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas Senor Frogs


All in all it was a great time with great friends – one more reason that All Aboard Properties & All Aboard Storage are great places to work!

De-Clutter for 2016 Using a Storage Unit

Do you have stress in your life? One thing that has shown to help with this is getting rid of excess “stuff” that could be piling on unnecessary stress.


If you stop and ask yourself “Why am I keeping this?” it might be because it could be something useful “someday” or maybe it’s sentimental or maybe it’s just something you hadn’t gotten around to.


You can perform the time-tested and very valid strategy of categorizing your things into:

  • Throw Away
  • Donate or Recycle
  • Keep


This works wonders when it comes to organizing your life and removing things that you don’t use on a regular basis.


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